Does It Matter If I Fill Out My Profile or Not?

It’s not required, but having a profile with information about yourself is definitely in your best interest – your profile gives you a great promotional tool for yourself within New Music USA’s community, and to the entire world of new music. While your project pages are only public if awarded, your profiles are public at all times - like a pocket-sized personal website. You can share your profile with your friends, link to it on Facebook, change it whenever you want, and use it to promote yourself in any way you see fit. Which is why any media, pictures, bio, or website information you have on your profile is really helpful to you and to everyone who wants to get to know you better.

Also important to keep in mind: profiles are always linked to project pages if you’re a collaborator or organizer - which means that the public and our panelists can always find out a little more information about you if they’re curious (or if they need to know more in order to make informed award decisions).

How to Fill Out A Profile:

Once you log in, you arrive on your Dashboard. Here you see the projects you have organized or in which you are a collaborator, as well as any pending collaborations that you still need to confirm. In the right side column, you will see four options, one of which is “Edit Profile.”

By selecting “Edit Profile,” you can use the four blue navigation tabs at the top to add a bio, picture, website info, change your password, and include any media that you’d like to use to represent yourself or your organization.

If you want to see how your profile appears to the public, select “View Profile.”


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