What can applicants apply for?

We are open to a huge range of new music projects. A “project” to us means any activity that involves new music getting out into the world through a live performance or recording. Requests can come from individuals or organizations. Projects can take place up to two years past the deadline, or retroactively up to the previous deadline (December 2017). We understand that creative people often undertake many projects simultaneously, which is why we allow individuals and organizations to be on multiple projects per deadline.

We’re especially interested in having our funds go towards paying artists directly for their work; whether that’s creating, engaging, performing, or something else. We place special emphasis on funds towards:
  • The creation of new musical work
  • New live music for dance
  • Recording costs
  • Residency and community outreach activities
We’re interested in making sure that we award a lot of smaller grants along with the larger ones, so we treat requests of $3000 and below as a special category.

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