Start and End Date

In Step 1 of creating a projects page, you will be prompted to enter the "Performance or Recording Date(s)" of your project, with a start and end date. What does this mean?

This could mean different things depending on your project. Here are some examples:
  • the beginning of a recording session to the album release date
  • start of rehearsals to concert date
  • start of tour to end of tour
  • a run of performances
What if my activity only takes place during one day?
Please enter that date in the Start Date field and leave the End Date blank

I don't know the exact dates of my project. What should I do?
We understand that projects change over time, please put the time frame which you are most sure of, with the most specificity possible. We know that these might change later. It is good to show confirmed activity, as the panel will look at the capacity of each project.

Do you support retroactive activity?
We no longer support retroactive grants.

Please refer to our guidelines for more information about eligibility.

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