Public Description

This is your space to shine! Tell the world about your project in your own words. Give the public details about what you are going to do, what you need, who you are going to reach, what impact this will have on you and your audiences while creating energy and excitement behind the project you already believe in!

Make sure to include concert dates and locations, workshops and other activities, tour overviews, tell us about the venues, where things are at for your recording projects, and more. What will this project mean to you, your organization, and to the broader public if funded? How will you and your collaborators grow from this project experience? Why should everyone check it out?

We give you the space and tools to be able to create your own creative, dynamic description. Please use the formatting options and add hyperlinks to any other websites that would be valuable 

Make sure to check out our Featured Projects for great examples of our awardees' project descriptions.

Also important to keep in mind are the three review criteria that we use to evaluate the projects: Artistry, Impact, and Capacity - which you can address effectively in your public description.

Here are the instructions we give to our panelists to review:

·         Artistry: The artistic strength and accomplishment of the project-related media

o   Evaluating artistry is by nature a matter of interpretation and there may be several ways to think about artistic excellence. Given the diversity of the pool, below are some questions we gave to the panel that would be useful for their review:  

§  Does the work compel your interest? Does it make you want to keep listening/watching?

§  Does the work embody a distinctive and authentic artistic voice?

§  Does the work feel fresh?

§  Does the work show highly developed craft or technical excellence?

o   Panelists were encouraged to explore collaborator profiles for additional media if they felt anything was missing from the main project media.

·         Impact: The extent to which the proposed project positively impacts the communities and participating artists involved

o   Panelists are asked when taking the project as a whole, what is its impact on the participating artists/composers and the community/audiences involved? Below are some questions we give them that are useful for their review: 

§  Is the project a particularly meaningful opportunity for the composer, community, organization, and/or musicians?

§  Does the project represent an opportunity to build new relationships and/or strengthen existing relationships with audiences, organizations, performers, collaborators, and/or community members?

·         Capacity: The applicant’s ability to execute the project as proposed

o   Panelists do not score this criterion, but instead answered two questions:

§  Can they do it? (Yes/No/Maybe)

·         Please note: Collaborators that display on a project page means that that collaborator has confirmed their involvement in the project (i.e. their letter of commitment). If an important collaborator has not confirmed their participation, panelists are allowed to take that into account in their review.

§  Is the Request Amount Appropriate (Yes/No)

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