What is a collaborator?
A collaborator could be the venue you are performing in, the choreographer you are working with, the record label you are releasing your album on, the composer your organization is commissioning. They are people or organizations that are KEY to making your project happen.

Why do I need to tag collaborators?
In order for the panel and public to get a full picture of what your project is all about, we need to know who is there making it happen with you. This is done by tagging. 

How do I search for and tag collaborators?

As you are filling out your project page - in the section titled "collaborators" on the project form, you may search for your collaborators to see if they already have a profile that you can tag by typing in their name. Try a few different variations of the spelling if they often go by an abbreviated name.

Once you tag them, they will be sent an email that says you have tagged them, with instructions on how to confirm their participation.

If they do not yet have a profile after you search in this section, then by inviting them as a new user, you are automatically generating a profile for them. When you do so, they are sent an email with login instructions, where they may then populate their profile and confirm their collaboration in your project. They needn't create a separate profile for themselves if you take this step.

If they have not already, we encourage collaborators to populate their profiles with with biographical information, a photo, media samples, and other information about themselves so the panelists and public can get a more informed sense of who they are and what they create.

Do I have to tag EVERYONE?
You have the option to tag up to 6 collaborators maximum. We only need to know the key players in your project. If there are more than 6 (for instance a consortium commission), then please pick 6 collaborators that best represent your project on a whole.

What if my collaborators don't confirm their roles in the project?
It is to the advantage of the project and everyone involved for collaborators to confirm their roles in the project and to complete their own profiles. Our third evaluative criterion, Capacity, is informed by the commitment expressed from your confirmed collaborations. These confirmations will not only help make your project more competitive, but will provide the panelists a very useful tool to explore the collaborators' profiles and media samples if more information is needed.

What if my collaborator has not received a confirmation email?
If an email invitation to a collaborator has gotten lost, you can resend them the invite before you submit (found in the collaborator section of the project pages) by clicking "Resend Invite," or they can reset their passwords and receive a new confirmation email with this link. All they need is the email address you used to tag them. 

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