Work Sample Link

When you’ve selected a YouTube, SoundCloud, or Vimeo work sample, paste the video’s URL into the field (i.e. Make sure NOT to paste the embed code; keep it simple (an embed code will have <iframe> tags in it).

Also, please do not upload YouTube playlists. They will not embed correctly on our site, and we prefer that you only embed a single media item per work sample.

If you'd like to use a password-protected video from Vimeo, please flag the sample as private and be sure to give us the password in the private information section. If you have a paid Vimeo account, you have extra options for controlling how your video is protected. Read more in this blog entry from Vimeo.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that your sample remains available on SoundCloud, YouTube or Vimeo exactly as you submitted it throughout the entirety of the review, and after - otherwise, no one will be able to see your media samples on your project page (or anywhere else on the internet where you've shared that link). Including panelists.

If you paste a link in the media field and the player does not display
  • Make sure that you’ve pasted a true URL, and not an embed code
  • Make sure that your URL is correct
  • Make sure that your privacy settings are off and embed permissions are on, or that your video is not password protected. For information on how to check if your settings are correct, visit these help sections for YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud

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