Work Sample Description

Your work sample descriptions are a good opportunity to tell the panel more information about your work sample. Who worked on it and good places to start the sample* (if it’s not already excerpted) are all helpful pieces of information that will help in the evaluation process. It is also where you should include helpful info for panelists, such as cue points and passwords to access private videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

Something important to keep in mind is that if your project is awarded, this description will be viewable by the public. So what you write here, on top of helping the panel better understand your work, will help the public more directly engage with your art. The only case where your work sample description will not be made public is if you mark your work samples as private.

* Please keep in mind that panelists will have 2-3 minutes to listen to each work sample, so make sure to guide the panelists to where you think is best to experience your work.

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