Work Sample Privacy

We understand that not every sample you have for your project can be made publicly viewable for important reasons- legal, copyright, and other reasons might keep you from sharing it publicly. 

Unless there are legal or copyright reasons that prevent you from sharing your work, we at New Music USA strongly encourage artists and organizations to do so - this way you can promote your work, and we can promote new music to the public.

Also, keep in mind that if you submit a private YouTube or Vimeo video as a work sample, you should include the password to access the video in the work sample description. Otherwise, a panelists won't be able to access the work sample.

How can I make my YouTube video private?

One way to share your YouTube video with us, while still keeping it private, is to mark it as "Unlisted" in your YouTube account and sharing the URL for that video. You will also need to click the Private button located on the project page form.

How can I make a Vimeo video private?

In your Vimeo account, please mark your video as password restricted, but also make sure it has permissions to embed anywhere. Provide your URL in the project page and click the Private button. Please provide the password in the work sample description so the panelists may have access to it.

How can I share a private Soundcloud sample?

If you would like to share a private Soundcloud sample, please click the Share button in Soundcloud and copy the "Secret Link". This should be pasted into your project page. Then click the Private button on the form. 

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