Work Samples: Who Worked on This?

If you have media of the work in your current proposed project, please include this in your project page.If you have worked with any of your collaborators in the past, or your collaborators have worked together in the past, including examples of those prior collaborations is a good way to demonstrate the capacity of that working relationship. If no such prior collaboration exists, that’s just as well – just make sure to include the best work that represents the key creators involved.

The reason we ask for no more than three work samples is so that you choose three of the strongest examples of work that represents you and the individuals involved in your project. These should be the highest quality, most representative samples of your work and the work of your collaborators in relation to the project at hand. For projects that have already taken place, your sample(s) will be of the project. For projects taking place in the future, choose samples that best reflect the proposed project and the absolute best work that you and your collaborators have to offer.

If you find that three work samples are not enough to fully represent each artist involved, we would highly encourage every collaborator involved to add their own media to their individual profiles as the panel will have the option to investigate further by reviewing each profile page.

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