Panelist Review Criteria: Artistry

Artistry: The artistic strength and accomplishment of the project-related media
  • We realize that evaluating artistry is by its nature a matter of interpretation and that there may be several ways to think about artistic excellence. Given the diversity of the pool, below are some questions that may be useful for your review:
  • Does the work compel your interest? Does it make you want to keep listening/watching?
  • Does the work embody a distinctive and authentic artistic voice?
  • Does the work feel fresh?
  • Does the work show highly developed craft or technical excellence?
  • You will find one to three media samples for your review. If you feel you need additional information that is not found here, you may find additional media in the collaborator profiles.
  • Media types
  • Applicants have the option of supplying samples that are either video (YouTube/Vimeo), sound sample (SoundCloud, mp3), or PDF. 
  • If a video is password protected, the password is usually included in the description of the work.

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